MCW Study: Connecting the Midtown Greenway Streetcar to Lake Street Destinations

How can future Midtown Greenway Streetcar stations be better connected with the Lake Street commercial corridor?  The MCW Partnership requested a study from a Humphrey Institute Neighborhood Revitalization course to answer this question.  This study, Connecting the Midtown Greenway Streetcar to Lake Street Destinations, is intended to serve as a framework for future discussion about the streetcar project and changes to the surrounding land uses.  Four stations are analyzed in greater depth: West Lake, Hennepin, Chicago and Bloomington.

A Midtown Greenway Streetcar would link the West Lake Station on the Southwest LRT with the Lake Street Station on the Hiawatha LRT, traversing the Midtown Greenway in between.   This study analyzed the challenge of how to effectively connect the transit with the business districts located one block to the south on Lake Street.  Most of the Greenway is built below-grade and as such, streetcar riders will not be able to see destinations as they pass as they would on a bus or on-street streetcar.  Yet if subway riders can find their destinations in other cites, it seems as though Greenway Streetcar users could also find their destinations if the surrounding area provides a seamless transition from the station to a front door.  A successful combination of transit, commerce, development and recreational open space can help shrink the perceived distance between Lake Street and the Midtown Greenway and add to community vitality.

Read the full report: Connecting the Midtown Greenway Streetcar to Lake Street Destinations