Welcome, Neighbor! Allina Will Anchor Midtown Exchange at Former Sears Site

Ryan Companies' vision of the future for the Midtown Exchange. Allina will occupy the northern (lefthand) side of the original 1928 former Sears building.

Ryan Companies' vision of the future for the Midtown Exchange. Allina will occupy the northern (lefthand) side of the original 1928 former Sears building.

Updated 02/04—Allina Hospitals and Clinics announced on February 18 that the company will consolidate its corporate operations in the Midtown Exchange on Lake Street in south Minneapolis.

Reaction from the Community
“With Allina joining our community, it’s like putting the final pieces of a puzzle together. Their company will bring stability to an area that needs it, and we look forward to new Allina jobs drawn from the local community. This is a major accomplishment for south Minneapolis. Allina has been a part of years of efforts by large groups and individual residents to turn the Phillips West neighborhood around.” -Muriel Simmons, Phillips West Neighborhood Association
"We at the Lake Street Council and the Bloomington Cedar Lake Commercial Association are terribly pleased by Allina's decision, and look forward to working with them as another partner in the continuing redevelopment of Lake Street, building a south Minneapolis community we can all be even more proud of.” -Julie Ingebretsen, President, Lake Street Council "There’s no turning back for Lake Street. With Allina as part of the Midtown Exchange, our neighborhoods have a bright future —more jobs and a higher quality of life. Everyone can be proud at this announcement. Our neighborhoods provided the vision of a revitalized Sears complex, our team at the City shouldered the hard negotiations and Allina stepped up as a model of corporate leadership.” -Council Member Gary Schiff
“Together with Wells Fargo’s investment in their Home Mortgage campus and Abbott Northwestern’s Heart Hospital, Allina's decision completes a trifecta of major private sector commitments that grew out of our public-private partnerships. Add the public investments in light rail transit, the reconstruction of Lake Street, I-35W Access, and housing, and you have an amazing story of patient, hard work leading to historic results that will transform our city for generations.” -County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin
"Allina’s decision is great news for the neighborhood and Wells Fargo. We have been working together with Allina and Abbott Northwestern for years in the Phillips neighborhood. It was our mutual commitment to the neighborhood and the Partnership that led Wells Fargo to invest over $175 million in our Home Mortgage offices at the former Honeywell site. Over 4,000 people will be working here by the end of next year, and we are thrilled that 1,000 Allina employees will now be coming to the neighborhood at the Midtown Exchange building.” -Susie Davis, Vice President, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

“It’s one of the great success stories of the city today. And it’s a product of years of effort by community groups to revitalize an area that had been written off.” -Mayor R.T. Rybak

The decision by the state’s largest nonprofit healthcare provider solidified the Midtown Exchange developer’s plans to convert the former Sears site into a mixed-use, multi-modal center. And it rewarded years of improvement efforts by groups in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Allina CEO Richard Pettingill

The new headquarters, called Allina Commons, will house 1,000 employees and include an educational conference center.

“While cost savings were a primary factor, Allina’s mission and values were key in our decision,” said Richard Pettingill, CEO.

Close proximity to Allina’s Abbott Northwestern Hospital, located across the street from the Midtown Exchange, and the community renewal opportunity for the Phillips and Powderhorn Park neighborhoods were major factors, added Pettingill.

“We will be part of the fabric of the community. Whether that be through supporting economic development or through community improvement initiatives, we want the community through our good deeds to know us and trust us as good neighbors.”

The Allina Foundation and Abbott Northwestern Hospital, the largest facility in the Allina network, have been among the institutional leaders of the unique public-private partnerships, including the MCW Partnership, that have guided major improvements in the inner-city core of south Minneapolis since the 1990s.

Working with neighborhood groups, these partnerships have helped to launch successful crime fighting initiatives, improve the local housing stock, create leading employment training programs, and guide major improvements to infrastructure and public amenities.

The Midtown Exchange site has sat vacant for more than a decade.

In January of this year the City of Minneapolis awarded Ryan Companies exclusive development rights pending a final development agreement in June. With Allina as the anchor component, the development plan has received the boost it needs to move forward, said Rick Collins, who heads Ryan’s Midtown Exchange development team.

Allina will sign a 20-year lease to occupy seven floors in the original 1928 structure. The move will consolidate corporate employees from 11 locations in the metropolitan area. The sale of two nearby real estate holdings, one at 1801 Nicollet and the other on Willow Street near Loring Park, will help to offset relocation costs.