Successful revitalization of the Midtown Corridor is dependent upon three essential and interdependent components: a multimodal transportation system; open space and infrastructure improvements; and mixed-use compact development. The MCW Partnership is working to develop and implement a vision of the Corridor that unifies these three components. 

Through funding provided by the McKnight Foundation, the MCW Partnership created a Corridor Development Framework that displays this vision through this web site. A visit to each of the focus areas in the Corridor provides an opportunity to explore further planning in detail.

MCW has facilitated extensive transportation planning in the Corridor through studies by Hennepin County, the Metropolitan Council, and other partners. 

The Transportation pages this web site provide access to studies evaluating the feasibility of busway and trolley systems in the Corridor, as well as new streetscape design and other infrastructure development.

MCW also seeks to promote public art development in the Midtown Corridor. Through funding provided by the Bush Foundation, the MCW Partnership has developed a Public Arts Master Plan that articulates key organizing principles and identifies public art opportunities in each Focus Area in the Corridor. Link to a pdf of the full Lake Street Midtown Greenway Framework Plan.