Background on the Midtown Streetcar

Learn about the history of the Midtown Streetcar concept

Railvolution 2013: The Midtown Community Works Partnership

A presentation by Commissioner Gail Dorfman on the history of the Partnership

The Midtown Community Works Partnership is a public-private partnership formed to guide the redevelopment of the Midtown Greenway-Lake Street corridor in south Minneapolis. Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis, and the Metropolitan Council formed this partnership to provide leadership, integrate planning, and mobilize resources for this corridor.

The MCW Partnership provides a forum to coordinate a wide array of public and private investments. We focus on projects that have community support and seek to enhance economic vitality, improve connections to the local and regional transit systems, and improve the surrounding neighborhoods.


Arbor Day 2014 - Planting on May 3!

The MCW Partnership is getting ready for spring with a tree and shrub planting on the Midtown Greenway just west of the Sabo Bridge. See the flyer for more information.

Midtown Alternatives Analysis Underway

The Midtown Alternatives Analysis study, led by Metro Transit, began in fall 2012 and is expected to run through early 2014.  The AA will examine all modes along both the Midtown Greenway Corridor and the Lake Street corridor between the Hiawatha LRT and the future Southwest LRT.  More information can be found at the Midtown Transitway website.

Minneapolis' Midtown Greenway: Good for Biz, Good for Bikes

Check out the video on the Midtown Greenway and its positive impact on local businesses and neighborhoods that was produced by Streetfilms

Southwest LRT Project Update

The Southwest LRT project is in Preliminary Engineering and the Transitional Station Area Action Plans are underway.  More information can be found at the Southwest Transitway website

I-35W Transit/Access Project at Lake Street

The I-35W Transit/Access Project is now underway.  The five main components include: a new BRT transit station on 35W, a connection to the Midtown Greenway, a southbound freeway exit ramp to Lake Street, a northbound freeway on-ramp at Lake Street, and northbound freeway exit ramp to 28th Street. While the northbound freeway on-ramp at Lake Street will be designed as part of the current project, it is expected to be built a later date than the other components. 

For more information, check out the project website: I-35W Transit/Access Project.

The Arterial Transitway Corridors Study

Metro Transit completed the the Arterial Transitway Corridors Study (ATCS) which examed the feasibility of a "rapid bus" service on 11 corridors throughout the region, including Lake Street. The rapid bus concept would improve travel speed andincrease reliability through pre-paid fare and fewer stops. 

See the Metro Transit ATCS website for the study results.





October 30, 2013

MCW Partnership Planning a New Sustainability Initiative

The Midtown Community Works Partnership and other partners are exploring a new sustainability initiative along the Midtown Greenway – Lake Street corridor. This initiative is intended to build on synergies between existing efforts, expand program efforts where needed, and measure outcomes based on defined metrics. 


May 13, 2013

Snow (barely) Melts in Time for the 13th Annual MCW Arbor Day Planting Event

Volunteers bundled up to plant trees at the 13th annual Midtown Community Works Partnership Arbor Day event on Saturday, May 4.  After a historic snow storm two days earlier, most of the snow melted by the time the volunteers arrived.  Neither snow nor rain fell despite the threatening skies and chilly temperatures.


May 8, 2012

The 12th Annual MCW Arbor Day Planting Event Visits 26th Avenue

Rain stayed away for the 12th annual Midtown Community Works Partnership Arbor Day planting event on Saturday, May 5.  Although the day was cloudy, recent rain made the dirt soft and damp for volunteers planting shrubs, and provided mud puddles for the youngest volunteers to splash in.  Volunteers planted 244 trees and shrubs between 26th-28th Avenues, bringing the consecutive total to about 4,200.


October 20, 2011

Metro Transit recieves FTA grant for Alternatives Analysis Study along the Midtown Corridor

Metro Transit has been awarded $600,000 by the Federal Transit Administration to help fund an Alternatives Analysis (AA) study for the Midtown Corridor.  The Midtown Corridor AA will review several options for transit improvements between the West Lake Station on the Southwest LRT line and the Lake Street/Midtown Station on the Hiawatha LRT line.  The text of the Midtown Corridor annoucement is here.

May 17, 2011

The MCW Partnership Welcomes Spring at the 11th Annual Arbor Day Planting Event under the Sabo Bridge

Celebrating its 11th annual Arbor Day tree planting event on May 7th, the Midtown Community Works Partnership welcomed the first warm day of spring with trees, shovels and mulch.  The event this year was the largest MCW Arbor Day planting today, with over 800 trees and shrubs planted with over 100 volunteers.  More.

Updated, February 16, 2011

A Midtown Streetcar Overview

The Midtown Community Works Partnership created a Midtown Streetcar Handout that describes the connections to the surrounding community and a summary of previous streetcar study highlights.